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What is Click Fraud?

What is Click Fraud?

If you are an advertiser that are using Google ADS services you need to protect your website and your paid ads from click fraud. If you are a victim of click fraud techniques your daily budget will be exhausted quickly and will prevent potential clients from reaching your site, which also means that you your cost/conversion will increase considerably and your business will be affected

Click Fraud is a black hat technique used in pay per click services and it appears when a person , an automated script, a bot, a click farm imitates a real user in a web browser clicking on a paid ad with the purpose to exhaust daily budget of campaigns without making conversions. By monitoring your website visitors from pay per click platforms you can see unusual patterns. With an increasing numbers of advertisers that use PPC platforms almost everyone can became a victim of click fraud.

Fraudulent clicks also known as Invalid Clicks can be performed in many ways such as:

– Humans clicking on competitors paid ads with the purpose to exhaust their daily budget and increase cost per acquisition (CPA);

– Automated software or bots developed to click on specific paid ads;

– Clicks using proxy or VPN servers;

– Click boots

–  Click Farms

If you are a webmaster or an agency that uses pay per click advertising you should monitor you campaigns to see if you have any unusual activity. Even if Google detect click fraud you are not 100% protected because they detect fraud but doesn’t protect you against it. If you detect click fraud on you paid campaigns you will be able to get money back from Google by contacting Google ADS Quality Team.

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